Corporate Sales outlines the best practices and processes for effective business-to-business (B2B) sales. It provides guidance on activities related to building strong business relationships; successfully working with other businesses to communicate the value of a company’s products and services; conducting effective negotiations; and ensuring lead generation, qualification, follow-up and other related activities. SMstudy’s Corporate Sales certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively managing the corporate sales efforts in any organization.


Participants will be able to ensure that the company follows all the processes required for generating B2B sales as well as retaining customers through good account management practices. 

Certified Corporate Sales Professionals are facilitators who ensure that the corporate sales process is effectively followed to satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Sales or Business Unit/Geographic Strategies. 


Duration:  3 Days

Course Fee:  £ 497.00

Exam Fee:  £ 100.00 – proctored international exam

Corporate Sales Professional


1. Introduction 

A Brief History of Corporate Sales

Corporate Strategy Overview

Aspects of Sales and Marketing

Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Overview

Corporate Sales Overview


2. Understand Sales Value Proposition and Determine Corporate Sales Channels 

Understand Sales Value Proposition

Determine Corporate Sales Channels


3. Prepare Organization for Sales 

Plan sales Governance

Determine Sales Targets

Create Marketing Aspects

Determine Sales Targets


4. Training for Corporate Sales 

Sales and Negotiation Training

Product Training


5. Sales Process-Prospecting 

Profile Target Customers and Decision Makers

Lead Generation and Qualification


6. Sales Process-Conversion 

Needs Assessment for Each Qualified Lead

Presentation, Overcoming Objection, and Closer


7. Account Management 

Classification of Accounts and Resource Allocation

Corporate Accounts Alignment

Client Management



Classroom study materials

Engaging case studies 

Full-length simulated exam 

Chapter tests 

Certified Corporate Sales Professional certification