Marketing Research is the systematic process of collecting, processing and analyzing data to provide necessary information to decision makers. SMstudy’s Marketing Research Certifications confirm a working knowledge of a framework for effectively conducting research that provides critical insights for decisions in all other marketing planning and strategies.


Participants will be able to test multiple marketing hypotheses in order to better understand consumer behavior, finalize product features, define metrics for measuring marketing efforts, and track and improve marketing activities. 

SMstudy Certified Marketing Research Professionals are facilitators who ensure that well-planned marketing research methods are in place to measure factors that can help drive better corporate decision-making, and in turn more decisive marketing actions. 


Duration:  3 Days

Course Fee:  £  497.00

Exam Fee:  £ 100.00

Marketing Research Professional


1. Introduction 

A Brief History of Marketing Research

Corporate Strategy Overview

Aspects of Sales and Marketing

Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Overview

Marketing Research Overview


2. Define Research Problem and Choose Research Design 

Design Research Problem

Choose Research Design


3. Data Collection 

Collect Secondary Data

Collect Primary Data


4. Data Processing and Data Analysis 

Data Processing

Data Analysis


5. Data Interpretation and Reporting 

Data Interpretation



6. Appendix 


Statistical Measurement of Data


Random Variables and Probability Distributions

Sampling Distributions

Methods of Least Square

Analysis with Statistical Package



Classroom study materials

Engaging case studies

Full-length simulated exam

Chapter tests

Study guides

Certified Marketing Research Professional certification by SMstudy